Wreck the Holodeck- A Sci-Fi Concert Event featuring Captain Jane

Wreck the Holodeck- A Sci-Fi Concert Event featuring Captain Jane

Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals, Sister Wizzard, 3 of 5

Fri · June 2, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

Tickets at the Door

Wreck the Holodeck- A Sci-Fi Concert Event featuring Captain Jane
Wreck the Holodeck- A Sci-Fi/Comic Con-Cert Music Event

Take a trip to the Holodeck with music from Captain Jane, Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals, Sister Wizzard and 3 of 5.

Wreck the Holodeck, sponsored by Star Clipper and Alpha Brewing Company, will take you on an intergalactic rock'n'roll voyage with Sci-Fi themed music, a Cosplay/Costume contest with great prizes from Star Clipper, beer specials from Alpha Brewing Company, and a Sci-fi/Comic Raffle with amazing prizes.

Wreck the Holodeck is the result of a transporter accident with a Concert and a Comic Convention, we're calling it a Comic Con-Cert. Come on down and let's show STL how nerds get down and party!

Beer on Tap from Alpha Brewing Company
We've partnered with Alpha Brewing Company to bring a half barrel of their out-of-this-world beer to The Stage at KDHX, which will be offered on tap for a special price, just for this event!
Alpha Brewing Company- 1409 Washington Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103

Cosplay/Costume Contest sponsored by Star Clipper
Whether you made your costume yourself or you bought it pre-made, we want to see your awesome costumes! Sci-i/fantasy/comic costumes are all welcome! Let's transform The Stage at KDHX into a cosplay dance party and have a blast! Cosplay/Costume Contest Prizes brought to you by Star Clipper and Captain Jane.

Star Clipper will also be offering a 10% discount to customers with a ticket from our show, so get your tickets fast!
Star Clipper- 1319 Washington Ave. St, Louis, MO 63103

Sci-Fi/Comic Raffle
$1 raffle ticket gets you a chance to win cool and unique collectibles and comics, including some super cool signed items, courtesy of Captain Jane.
Captain Jane
Captain Jane
Captain Jane will take you on a warp speed journey through the stars with psychedelic blues rock music, covered with more fuzz than a tribble and more psychedelic delays than a glitching computer. Get ready to be rocked straight out of the airlock with hard hitting, raw, powerful rock songs with Sci-Fi themes like Star Trek, Westworld, Supernatural, and Fallout.
Captain Jane is led by our fearless Captain, Erica Hart, on vocals and guitar, with Cory Hart on guitar, Bob Cymber on Bass, and Brooks Edwards on drums.
Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals
Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals
Brother Lee and the Leather Jackals are a St. Louis outfit of snakes that hiss and spit chords and chaos of 60s-70s blues- infused rock and roll. The four piece’s knack for reptilian antics manifests during their live sets. Ribald commentary, inside jokes, unintentional stage dives: the Jackals live and breathe the devil-may-care ethos of our cold-blooded comrades.
Sister Wizzard
Sister Wizzard
Hailing from the mystical caves of Crystal City, Sister Wizzard brings you spooky-sweet, dream pop tunes and a voice that is dark like tinted glass. Sister Wizzard is a magical minstrel playing charming ukulele and guitar loops to enchant you.
3 of 5
3 of 5
3 of 5 is the musical product of Science Fiction, Nintendo, and Smooches. All songs created on a Nintendo 3DS using Rhythm Core Alpha. 3 of 5 is the ultimate sci-fi, 8-bit odyssey for your ears and Andy, Syrhea, and Todd are ready to beam you up!
Venue Information:
The Stage at KDHX
3524 Washington Avenue
St. Louis, MO, 63103