The Kiss & Tells present Candyland: Eat the Rich

The Kiss & Tells present Candyland: Eat the Rich

All Ages
Lollipops, Gumdrops, Candy Canes, and Sugary Dames.

If you’re hungry for a good time, come feast your eyes on The Kiss & Tells as they present their final show of the season, Candyland ~ Eat the Rich! Rich creamy chocolates, buttery delicious cookies, and scheming monopolizers who don’t care about our lovely candy friends at all. That’s right, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Featuring The Bon Bons! And special guest, Foxy la Feelion!

All manner of delicious twists and curves delight in this sometimes sour, sometimes sweet reinterpretation of a bygone classic, and this time it’s not for kids. So come grab a seat at The Stage at KDHX, before this sweet treat melts away forever!

Venue Information:
KDHX Stage
3524 Washington Ave
Saint Louis, MO, 63103