Listen Live and Local featuring Falling Fences

Listen Live and Local featuring Falling Fences

All Ages
Listen Live and Local sponsored by Urban Chestnut Brewing Company featuring a live performance in the Stage by Falling Fences.

Falling Fences

Falling Fences centers on the long-lasting musical partnership of songwriter Joe Stickley and lead guitarist Sean Canan, augmented by keyboardist Andrew Weir, bassist John Hussung, and drummer Joe Winze. The newest album: Falling Fences II was released on 8/18/18.

Falling Fences plays music that awakens the DNA of every American. It brings people together, reminding us that we are a nation of travelers at our core, immigrants from a bygone era. It’s music that grows from deep in our soil, evoking the same romantic hopefulness found in the unique worlds of Hemingway, Whitman, and Melville.

Listen Live

Listen Live at KDHX combines KDHX's unique multi-platform capabilities to highlight local and national musicians both on the airwaves and through live performance. This program is both an extension of and a combination of our live in-studio performances and our live concerts.

Listen Live at KDHX is an important program both for musicians and for St. Louis. By elevating the visibility of independent voices, Listen Live will celebrate the art of discovery, bolster community wellness through inclusive access to cultural enrichment, and reflect human and musical diversity.

Listen Live at KDHX features one local artist and one national artist each month. Each Listen Live event is free for all to attend and will be broadcast live on 88.1 FM.

Venue Information:
KDHX Stage
3524 Washington Ave
Saint Louis, MO, 63103